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Jennifer Lippman-Bruno doesn’t just create things out of yarn, she communicates with each and every skein. An aspiring designer since childhood, Jennifer took a bold leap into the design world by giving up her studies in Pre-Med to study jewelry design.

After graduating, Jennifer soon became the design director for Angela Cummings Fine Jewelry. Even though Jennifer was working with the very best in this field, another medium was calling.

Jennifer’s communication with her materials is born out of her fluid and organic approach to design, something she calls “three-dimensional design”.

“I don’t go into a yarn store with a definite idea.
First, I fall in love with the yarn, and then it determines what it will become. The ideas go straight from my head to my hands.”

Jennifer also makes an effort to avoid reading pattern books and knitting magazines in an attempt to keep her own design instincts free from outside influences.

This unique approach leads to equally unique
designs. Her patterns that she describes as
“conservative with a twist”, are incredibly wearable
and very modern.

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